Thursday, March 3, 2011

Summers turn terrifying season due its rising temperature. The bright sunny weather results in life threatening dehydration. Our body is seventy per cent composed of water. Water is the most vital element of the body that helps all our organs to function properly. The sufficient intake of water helps in proper blood circulation of body. Thus, it is very much essential to keep your hydrated throughout the season.
Summers make you supper thirsty and hot, hence you keep on sipping throughout the day. But, it is essential to keep an eye on what you drink. Most section of the society turn their minds on frizzy and fancy drinks, which are unsafe for our health. These unsafe drinks are called as the coolest drinks by sms generation, but they forget while consuming these drinks; they are indirectly gulping down many harmful substances. Dehydration destroys the cells of your skin, making it dull, pale, and ugly.
These coolest drinks contain good amount of acid, artificial flavor, sugars, and caffeinated products, which are all ways disaster to health. All these ingredients destroy your immune system and affect your stomach, causing numerous infections and diseases. The intake of sugar via soft drinks, adds good amount of pounds to your weight. In fact certain drinks hammer dehydrations and worsen the case. Thus, flip to healthy summer drinks that will hydrate your body and help in proper functioning of organs. Numerous healthy drinks are available in the world so, just turn your eyes to right products such as:
One of the most essential and fundamental component of the body, water is the most required element by our body. Every individual requires to drink at least eight glass of water everyday. Many countries in the world have no access to safe water, but fortunately our state has got the best facilities for safe drinking water. Sometimes you do get contaminated water through tap, thus it is essential to filter the water before drinking. Drinking water helps in proper circulation of blood cells to all organs of the body. It is also a carrier of hemoglobin to blood stream, which helps in body to fight against numerous diseases.
Drinking plenty of water will flush out all toxic matter from body. Thus, remove energy drinks and carbonated drinks from your refrigerator and replace as many as bottles of water as your can. And do not forget to carry sufficient amount of water with you, whenever your leave the home.
White milk:
Milk is the pop star of calcium and other nutrients that are useful for the growth and development of body. I know millions of people skip drinking milk in order to stay away from hundreds of calories. But such people can opt for low- fat or skimmed milk. They are free from fats but are rich in calcium and protein. Soy milk is one of the best options for quenching your thirst. It is also loaded with lots of nutrition and energy. You can occasionally treat yourself with Rose milk or Chocolate milk that is highly delicious.
Nutritional vegetable juice:
Vegetables are highly loaded with vitamins and nutrition that benefits your health. They are rich antioxidants agents which help in flushing out all toxic substance from your body. Vegetable are also exempted from calories thus, it is nutritious and cal- free drink. Vegetable juice is good source of dietary fiber, which provides sufficient amount of energy to the body. These drinks are low in sugar.
People often get confuse that coffee is bad for health. Yes, they are harmful when they get loaded with tons of cream and sugar. Cream and sugar sweep away the essential antioxidants from coffee and replaces it with calories. Black coffee is a rich anti-oxidant agent that helps in removing all toxic matter from the body. If you cannot digest the bitter taste of black coffee, you may add some amount of low-fat milk or skim milk in your coffee. When you enter any coffee house, they provide you with all kind of variants. The choice has to be made by you, thus have control your temptations and opt for low-fat coffee such as cappuccino – with low fat milk or a small cafĂ© latte.
Delicious fruit juices:
Bright colored fruits are the best option to get your body loaded with required nutrition and vitamins. Fruits are packed with various vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial for good health. They contain natural sugar, which gives our body good amount of energy. Certain fruits are good source of vitamin C, which helps in removing all harmful substance from your body. It also boosts your immune system that fights with numerous virus and protects our body from several infections. Never add any artificial sweeteners or any preservatives to your fruit juices. Always consume 100% fruit juices.
Lime water:
Lemon is the best remedy to fight with dehydration. Add some freshly squeezed lemon to warm water. Sweeten it with honey and make a healthy refreshing drink.
Do not turn your mind to artificial cooling drinks, when god has bestowed the best solution to beat any health problem. Natural drinks are anytime better than any artificial drinks that never quench the thirst; instead they worsen the condition of body. Enjoy your summer in the arms of nature and get amazing cooling sensation. To have glowing looks, it is essential to possess healthy skin. Thus, your skin needs to be hydrated

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