Thursday, March 3, 2011

Drinks in summer season | Home made summer cool drinks for good health

Drinks in summer season Home made summer cool drinks for good health
It is common to increase usage of liquid foods in the summer season. Fruit juices and some vegetable juices will not only prevent dehydration, but also avoid some kinds of diseases, if selected properly. Let us see some of them.
Anemia is the common disease that affects women. It occurs due to deficiency of iron. To avoid this, juices of beetroot, spinach, apple, carrot and lime has to be taken. Two or three kinds of vegetables can be blended to enhance the taste.
Arthritis is one of the common one that is manifested with the increase of age. These people can avoid the problem by taking orange, garlic, lime, neem, bitter gourd in the liquid form.
Lifestyle, usage of different cosmetics and other physical changes will cause pimples or acne problem. Lime, papaya, cucumber juices are to be taken regularly. Improvement will be there in course of time.
Some people will always take juices of different vegetables in order to loose excess weight. Juices made of lime, grapes, oranges, cherries, pine apples, papaya, tomato, beet root, cabbage, lettuce leaves, spinach and carrot can be tried for this purpose.
Toxins should be sent out of the body. The best solution for this is wheat grass juice. It works as a powerful cleanser when compared to carrot and other vegetables. Hence, take this juice one hour before meals.
Many people feel cramps when sat or stood for long time. This problem arises due to calcium, sodium deficiency and water deficiency in the body. To avoid this, beet root, carrot and spinach juices are to be taken.

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