Friday, March 4, 2011

ice-cream- thai Mango ice-cream

6) Thai Mango Ice Cream Recipe -
Thai Mango Ice Cream is a lip smacking ice cream recipe, with a unique taste. Learn how to make/prepare Thai Mango Ice Cream by following this easy recipe.

Thai Mango Ice Cream Recipe -
• 400 gms Fresh Ripe Mango (1 medium sized Mango) • 200 gms Sugar • 300 ml Double Cream
How to make Thai Mango Ice Cream:
First of all, clean and peel the skin of the mango and pureƩ it in a blender.
Then, whisk the cream together with the sugar until it's thick.
You can mix the mango pureƩ into the cream, after that.
Freeze it and you will need to remove it when it's just beginning to freeze and whisk it again to prevent ice crystals formation over it.
When you are nearly ready to serve, remove it from the freezer to soften it a little.
You can garnish it with mango slices or any other fresh fruits.


  1. Yummy. Mango is my favorite fruit and i love mango juices. Thanks a lot for sharing such recipe. I will definitive try this.

  2. It looks good and easy to make, just need to get all the ingredients and need to show this to my wife, hope she can make it. Good post

  3. Mango is known as king of fruit and since it is mango season I will definitely going to try this recipe out. Thanks for sharing it