Thursday, March 3, 2011

Some precautions need to be taken while eating fruits

· Every fruit has different temperament, so it is necessary to know the temperament of fruit you are eating.
· Adding black salt to fresh fruit slices and also to fresh juice increases the taste of fruit. Black salt help in digestion as well.
· Avoid exposing fruits to sun. Before eating fruit refrigerate it.
· Pre cut fruits are harmful for health. Fresh cut fruits are full of nutrients and proteins.
· For 1- 5 years old children give chikoo shake with honey in it.
· For 5-10 years old children watermelon and chikoo shake is advisable. This age group children brain is tend to develop fast.
· For 10-20 years children suffer from weight increasing and pimples problem. So fruit juice like watermelon, a grape etc. is advisable.

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