Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fresh fruits from the nature for better future

Summer season is blessed by various fruits like Mango, Water melon and many others. Eating fruit is beneficial for health. So let us find which fruit to eaten during summers and what the benefits are:
· Orange – Should not be eaten early morning and late night. You can eat it one hour before or eating your meal. Orange is helpful in digesting food.
· Water Melon – Eating water melon during noon is advisable. It restores the dehydrated water of the body.
· Grapes – Eating grape also help in resorting the dehydrated water of the body. Avoid eating grapes during meal there must be some interval between eating grape and meal. Grape must be eaten before exposing to sun.
· Sweet Melon – Sweet melon is the best fruit of summer season. It can also be eaten during meal as well. Avoid drinking water while having melon.
· Coconut – Coconut water the best medicine for stomach diseases like acidity and ulcer. Avoid drinking coconut water empty stomach.
· Mango- Mango is the king of fruits. But mango is of warm temperament. Use mango with milk as milk shake is advisable. Adding sugar to the slices of mango is also beneficial.

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